Does foreign travel affect security clearance?

The new Security Executive Agent Directive 3 requires All covered individuals (individuals who have been found eligible for access to classified information regardless of whether or not the person has been indoctrinated and has access to classified national security information) must report ALL foreign travel.

What disqualifies you from a security clearance?

Those include criminal convictions that lead to a prison sentence of a year or longer, receiving a dishonorable discharge, “criminal incompetence,” and drug addiction.

What countries can I not travel to with a security clearance?

If you have ties in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Cuba, or Venezuela, you’re in for an uphill battle. But there are also plenty of other countries we’ve seen deemed a “heightened risk” by various U.S. government agencies, and some of them may surprise you.

Can I leave the country while my security clearance is being processed?

traveling (especially) through friendly countries will not greatly affect your clearance process or delay it. Notify your security folks (who you submitted the paperwork to) and when/if you meet with an Investigator, provide them with the details. Have a good trip.

How do I report a travel security clearance?

Travel. Including country specific guidance your security officer should have the latest. Information about specific threats and issues. Once you get back from your vacation. Or work trip.

Do you have to report unofficial foreign travel to the security office?

Those who have contact with any agent of a foreign government, someone they suspect is from a foreign intelligence entity, or a foreign person asking for DoD information, must report this to the local security office immediately on returning to duty.

What can cause a security clearance to be revoked?

General rule-breaking behavior, untrustworthiness and associated with known criminals can all result in revocation. Financial considerations: If you are not trustworthy with your finances, you will likely not be considered trustworthy with national security.

Do security clearances check Internet history?

Although security clearance background checks can be intensely thorough, the government can’t view your emails, Internet browsing history, hard drive data, and other virtual assets without a subpoena or warrant.

What is checked for a secret security clearance?

For a Top Secret security clearance, the background investigation includes additional record checks which can verify citizenship for the applicant and family members, verification of birth, education, employment history, and military history.

Can I travel during security clearance investigation?

In most cases, travel will be considered a plus, as long as you’ve kept a tight record of contacts and experiences. While traveling, studying, and volunteering abroad are great opportunities, they can complicate the process for receiving a security clearance.

Who is responsible for reporting foreign travel?

(2) TSA employees and contractors, regardless of SCI clearance, whether based in the U.S. or at a foreign location under a Chief of Mission, must report an unusual or suspicious encounter as soon as practicable to their immediate supervisor, designated OPSEC Page 7 TSA MANAGEMENT DIRECTIVE No. 2800.5 INTERNAL SECURITY …

When should you report foreign travel?

Both business and personal travel need to be reported, and your security officer should be notified at least 30 days prior to the trip.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?

These are confidential, secret, top secret and sensitive compartmented information. This type of security clearance provides access to information that may cause damage to national security if disclosed without authorization.

What is a reportable foreign contact?

Foreign Contacts: All cleared personnel must report contacts with individuals of any foreign nationality, either within or outside the scope of their official activities, in which: “Illegal or unauthorized access is sought to classified or otherwise sensitive information.

How do I report foreign travel in Diss?

How to Report Foreign Travel for a subject in DISS

  1. Go to Subject’s Summary Page.
  2. Beside their Name, select “Subject Details”
  3. Below their initial information, you will see a series of tabs.
  4. Select “Foreign Travel”

How do I check my diss clearance?

If you’re currently employed, checking on your clearance is easy – simply request your Facility Security Officer inquire about the status of your clearance. The vast majority of clearance holders are cleared through the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

What is a T3 clearance?

T3 is the investigation required for positions designated as non-critical sensitive and/or requiring eligibility for “L” access or access to Confidential or Secret information.