Is it okay to use a Google Docs resume?

No, Google Docs resume templates are not good. Their selection is small, they waste space, and they don’t look good when downloaded to your computer as a Microsoft Word (DOCX) or PDF file.

How do I share a link to my resume?

To share a resume, go to your resume dashboard and click “More” on the drop-down menu to access the “Share a link” option. You can also access the “Share a link” option by clicking on the “…” on the bottom right side of the preview page.

Should I include URL on resume?

But overwhelming a resume with hyperlinks or URLs probably isn’t a good idea. The hiring manager isn’t going to spend that much time on your resume (at least in a first go-round), so choose your links wisely and only include those you feel will increase your chances of getting hired.

How do I make a professional resume on Google Docs?

How to make a resume in Google Docs

  1. Create a Google account or sign in to your existing one.
  2. Go to Google Drive and proceed to the template gallery.
  3. Choose your ideal template.
  4. Fill in the template with your experience.
  5. Create copies of your resume in Google Drive.

How do I add a Gmail link to my resume?

So if I were to click ctrl click on this it would take me to my email and I would automatically be able to email him. Another thing we were talking about was hyper linking LinkedIn profiles.

How do I create a URL link?

To create a link to a specific URL, perform these tasks:

  1. Highlight the text (or image) that you would like to turn into a link.
  2. Click the Create Hyperlink icon (Figure) in the toolbar. …
  3. Select Link to following URL.
  4. Click Options.

How do you find your resume URL?

Click “Share” in the top right corner of the document. You can then enter the emails of specific people if you want to share with one or two employers, family members, friends, etc. You can also click “Get shareable link,” which allows you to share a URL with whomever you want.