Is a CAPM certification worth it?

CAPM Certification works as an essential stepping-stone for the project managers as well for the executive-level professionals. As per the market research, project management skill is in higher demand in almost all organizations, and by 2020, nearly 1.57 million new positions will be created globally.

How much is the CAPM?

The PMI requires a fee for both exams with the cost of the CAPM exam at $225 for PMI members and $300 for non-members. The cost of the PMP exam is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members.

Who is CAPM for?

The CAPM can prepare you for entry-level project management jobs such as project coordinator, junior project manager, and associate project manager. Project management is an in-demand skill, and a growing career field.

Will a CAPM help me get a job?

Better Job Prospects

As a CAPM, you’ll be able to apply for the role of a project manager anywhere in the world. Most major companies recognize this certification and its importance. While you may not have any experience in handling projects but a CAPM certification shows your willingness for managerial roles.

Does CAPM increase salary?

CAPM certification on your list of credentials is an added bonus and can increase an individual’s salary up to 25%. Since employers value CAPM-certified professionals over the non-certified ones, candidates with certifications can demand a higher salary than the non-certified professionals.

Is the CAPM exam hard?

How Hard is the CAPM Exam? The CAPM exam is based around PMI’s framework, which makes studying for it relatively simple. So long as you follow the right study material, and memorize enough information, passing the CAPM is doable.

Can you put CAPM after your name?

Once you get your CAPM® certificate, you get to flaunt it. 🙂 You can put CAPM® against your name in communications, web-site, business card, email signature, letter-head – as long as your credentials are valid. But PMI® prohibits from using it as part of company name, product name or domain name.