Is it okay to use multiple recruiters?

Many job seekers don’t often realise that by doing so, they can be creating an enormous headache for themselves. There are many articles written by recruiters which only tell you why this is a terrible idea. The central consensus among them is that you should never work with several agencies at once.

Should you message multiple recruiters at the same company?

Never knowingly let your resume be submitted by two different recruiters from multiple agencies for a job at the same company. A double submittal will cause problems between yourself, the company, and the two agencies that submitted your resume.

Can I work with another recruiter?

If one recruiter has no working relationship with companies you really want to work for, you can work with a different recruiter. Having your resume distributed and pushed by many recruiters could hurt you.

How many recruiters are there?

As you can see from these numbers, we have 960,000+ recruiters and 375,602 open jobs looking for recruiters. And the number of open jobs for recruiters is growing every day as many companies are trying to attract new talent and grow.

How many recruiters should you work with?

I’ve usually told candidates that 1-3 recruiters should suffice, as long as everyone brings something different to the table. It wouldn’t make sense to have 2 or 3 cooks in the kitchen if they are all making the same omelet.

How many recruiters do I need?

SHRM says industry standards dictate 30 to 40 open requisitions per recruiter, while other more conservative estimates say 25 to 30.

Why you shouldn’t use a recruiter?

It puts an expensive price tag on your head

Using recruiters is expensive. As such, employers often turn to recruiters as a last resort – sometimes they have a niche job, a dry market or simply don’t have time to go through the whole hiring process themselves.

How many roles can recruiters handle?

“A high-volume recruiter might be able to handle 20 openings at a time, where a recruiter working with hard-to-fill jobs might only be able to handle four or five.”

How many positions can a recruiter handle per month?

On average, recruiter should be able to fill/hire around four positions per month with an average level of difficulty, or around 50 per year.

How many hours do you work as a recruiter?

Whenever I travel to conferences and trade shows, I talk to top HR managers and recruiters who all seem to share the same characteristic – you work a lot of hours! In my small sample recently of 33 recruiters, the average number of hours worked per week was 55.

Is recruiting a stressful job?

Recruiting can be high stress, thankless, and full of shockingly abrupt highs and lows. So pay attention, read on, and start planning for the future. Agency Recruiting is a tough and brutal business. You can expect to work long hours, be dedicated to your career, and have an insatiable drive to succeed.

Is recruiting a good career path?

Besides the satisfaction of genuinely helping people improve their lives, compensation is the most rewarding in recruitment. It’s a highly lucrative career path. The more successful you are at your job, the more money you’ll earn. What’s more, you’ll quickly be climbing up the corporate ladder.