What is an example of a logical truth?

On standard views, logic has as one of its goals to characterize (and give us practical means to tell apart) a peculiar set of truths, the logical truths, of which the following English sentences are paradigmatic examples: (1) If death is bad only if life is good, and death is bad, then life is good.

How do you prove a logical truth?

We're gonna have to use either indirect proof or conditional proof on our first line. We have no other choice because I don't have any premises to work with so I'm gonna have to assume something.

What is the difference between logic and truth?

Logic uses the concept of TRUTH, but a very simplified one. See Tarski’s Truth Definitions. But in order to use it, logic does not need a philosophical account of TRUTH. Logic chases truth up the tree of grammar — see Quine, academiaanalitica.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/…