Here is a list of publications related to Prince2 Foundation.

  • Official Prince2 Handbook (equivalent to PMP PMBOK).
  • PRINCE2 For Dummies by Nick Graham.
  • PRINCE2 Study Guide by David Hinde.
  • PRINCE2 for Beginners by Bryan Mathis.
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Study Overview by Frank Turley.

How can I study for Prince 2?

Following are some tips you can follow to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam:

  1. Understand the requirements. …
  2. Build case studies. …
  3. Appear in practice tests. …
  4. Make a project plan. …
  5. Have the pre-course books. …
  6. Master the PRINCE2 Manual. …
  7. Think out of the course box. …
  8. The Foundation exam facts.

What book do I need for PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 Agile ®

It’s the official AXELOS handbook. The book covers agile basics, PRINCE2® basics and has a useful section on what to fix and what to flex. The second part of the book is the guidance, tailoring and techniques that are core for the exam.

Is the Prince 2 exam hard?

It’s a difficult exam, but if you prepare well and have experience with the objective testing format, you will be going into the exam with a high chance of success.

Do I need the PRINCE2 manual?

Buying the manual is optional for PRINCE2® Foundation to serve as a reference. For PRINCE2® Practitioner, we highly recommend buying the manual as the manual may be used during the Practitioner exam.

Can I self study PRINCE2?


When you’re ready, you can use the free PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator to familiarize yourself with the exam. Finally, when you’re ready, you can buy a voucher for the official online exam and take it from home or office, anywhere in the world.

How do you self study and pass PRINCE2?

10 Tips to Score Highest In Your Prince2 Foundation Exam

  1. Know the background – the exam figures. …
  2. The Foundation exam facts. …
  3. Set up your schedule. …
  4. The pre-course books are important. …
  5. Master the PRINCE2 Manual. …
  6. Practice exam questions. …
  7. You should also think outside the course box. …
  8. Do not panic during the exam.

What is PRINCE2 certification cost?

The standard cost for PRINCE2 Foundation is Rs. 26, 000 and is delivered in various modes like classroom, online training, and self-paced as well.

What is the latest PRINCE2 edition?

The PRINCE2 (6th edition) is the latest version by AXELOS and is the global standard for managing projects. You will learn: Key concepts relating to projects in general and PRINCE2.

How much is PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

Study guides

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Components Cost
PRINCE2 Foundation training £249
PRINCE2 Foundation exam cost (UK) £199
PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Papers From £20
Axelos Membership £50+VAT

How long does it take to prepare for PRINCE2?

It takes most students two to three days (or 30 to 50 learning hours) to complete the PRINCE2 Foundation course if they study it full-time in a classroom. If you’re studying part-time online, it could take you around one to three months to complete a PRINCE2 Foundation qualification while working full-time.

Is PRINCE2 exam open book?

Fortunately PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is an open book, which means that you can take your PRINCE2 manual into the exam room, so write the key points and draw process diagrams in the manual which would be helpfulfor you.

Can I do PRINCE2 without experience?

The equivalent for those with no experience is Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®). PRINCE2, however, can be studied by anyone, and could be just what you need to join a project team and get your foot in the door with a view to moving into project management.

Does PRINCE2 increase salary?

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) ‘Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey’ found that professional certification adds a 20% premium on average salaries. This is borne out by CW Jobs which states that PRINCE2 qualified professionals net around £57,500 per annum – more than £10,000 above the median.

Is PRINCE2 still relevant 2021?

Probably not, but working on a project where other team members are PRINCE2-trained does make things easier to run. With several government and multinational organisations making PRINCE2 practitioners a requirement for tenders, the methodology will continue to enjoy popularity for some time yet.

What if I fail PRINCE2 practitioner?

If you fail to pass either of the PRINCE2® examinations, we will offer you the support to give you the best opportunity to pass at the next attempt. The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam can be sat on its own without having to retake the whole course.

Which is better PMP or PRINCE2?

The PRINCE2 certification focuses more on processes and frameworks, but the PMP certification focuses more on broad knowledge and techniques of project management. Factor in where you live.

What if I fail PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

If you fail the exam, you can re-take it at a later date, although you will need to pay the exam fee again. At the end of the exam, the invigilator will mark your answers and give you a provisional result after about 15 minutes.