What did the oracle say to Socrates?

Also of relevance is the famous motto inscribed above the entrance to the oracle at Delphi: “Know thyself.” Socrates is an ardent advocate of self- knowledge, and his investigations can be seen as an attempt to come to a better understanding of his own nature.

Why did Socrates reluctantly agree with the Oracle of Delphi that he is the wisest of men?

Finally he realized the Oracle might be right after all. He was the wisest man in Athens because he alone was prepared to admit his own ignorance rather than pretend to know something he did not.

Why did Socrates come to accept the oracle’s claim?

Socrates claims to have been bemused by this statement, since he always claimed that he knew nothing. However, he also accepts that the god cannot lie so he set out to see if he could find someone wiser than himself. That is, he regards the Oracle’s reply as a puzzle that has to be resolved.

How does Socrates interpret the oracle’s proclamation that he is the wisest man?

Socrates said that he must be wiser than other men only in that he knows that he knows nothing. He considered it his duty to question supposed “wise” men and to expose their false wisdom as ignorance.

What is the story about the oracle at Delphi that Socrates tells what is his point with this story?

Why? What was the main point Socrates made by telling the story about the oracle of Delphi? The oracle told socrates that he is the wisest man in Athens and this is what started his career in fulfilling his philosophy. This is what made him so wise because he claimed to know nothing.

What explanation does Socrates give for why the Oracle of Delphi’s claimed that there was nobody wiser than Socrates?


The oracle at Delphi told Socrates’ friend Chaerephon, “no one is wiser than Socrates” (Apology 21a). Socrates explains that he was not aware of any wisdom he had, and so set out to find someone who had wisdom in order to demonstrate that the oracle was mistaken.

What did the Oracle of Delphi say about Socrates?

The Oracle of Delphi, which found the sum of human wisdom in the expression “Know thyself,” also said that there was no man wiser than Socrates, from which one might conclude that no man knew himself better than Socrates.

When Socrates claims that he has no knowledge what kind of knowledge is he talking about?

2. Socrates also wants to distance himself from the Sophists—people who went around taking money to teach people rhetoric or the art of persuasion. Socrates claims to not have the kind of knowledge that the Sophists profess to have and points out that he does not take money to teach anyone anything.

How did Socrates go about trying to disprove the oracle of the God about who was the wisest person in Athens?

Socrates was aware of his own ignorance; he did not think he was wise. Thus, he decided to attempt to refute the oracle by finding someone who was wiser than himself. He spoke to people with different profession’s, such as politicians, poets, and craftsmen; however, he found that they only possessed “human wisdom”.

What did the oracle at Delphi do?

Apollo’s Oracle

The oracle of Apollo at Delphi was famed throughout the Greek world and even beyond. The oracle – the Pythia or priestess – would answer questions put to her by visitors wishing to be guided in their future actions.

What did the oracle of Delphi say?

“You have come to my rich temple, Lycurgus,/ A man dear to Zeus and to all who have Olympian homes./ I am in doubt whether to pronounce you man or god,/ But I think rather you are a god, Lycurgus.” Some say that the Pythia also declared to him the constitution that now exists at Sparta, but the Lacedaemonians …

Who was the oracle of Delphi quizlet?

At only three days old, Apollo shoots Python, a destructive pest ,using a bow and arrow. In memory of this feat, Apollo’s delphic oracle, a virgin prophetess empowered to speak in his name, is called Pythia.

What is the oracle in Greece?

The oracles of Greece and the sibyls of Rome were women chosen by the gods through which divine advice would be spoken through them. They were popular throughout the great empires and pilgrims would make their way from far off places just to ask them a question and receive the answer of a god.

What was the Oracle in the story?

An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, most notably including precognition of the future, inspired by deities. As such, it is a form of divination.

What does the Oracle symbolize in to the Oracle at Delphi?

The Oracle and her prophecy in Oedipus Rex represent the ancient Greek view of the fixity of fate.