It takes an average of three to six months for college graduates to find a job after college.

How long after graduating college should I get a job?

three to six months

It takes the average college graduate three to six months to secure employment after graduation. A student benefits from having a career-seeking strategy and previous work experiences. Otherwise, her resume might be lost in a stack of hundreds for a specific job.

How do I start looking for a job after college?

Not starting the search early enough

“The job seeker should not wait until earning their degree to start the job search. Begin to apply for jobs three to four months before graduation. Develop a timeline for your job search.” If you’ve already graduated and are just getting started, don’t lose hope.

What percentage of college students get a job after they graduate?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently analyzed the outcomes for 563,000 bachelor’s graduates across 337 colleges and universities and found that only 50.2% of the class of 2020 had full-time jobs with a traditional employer (meaning they are not working as a freelancer or entrepreneur) …

Is it normal to be unemployed a year after college?

A recent Pew Research Center analysis of federal labor data also found that about 31% of 2020 graduates were unemployed last fall, well above the 22% for 2019 graduates. Recent college grads often have higher unemployment rates than more seasoned workers.

Is it hard to find a job after college?

In October 2020, 67.3% of college graduates were employed after they graduated. It takes an average of three to six months for college graduates to find a job after college. In March 2021, the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree holders was 3.7% compared to 6.7% for those only holding a high school diploma.

Why do college graduates struggle to find jobs?

It can take more time than expected to find a job, so don’t wait until after you’ve graduated to begin the search. One big mistake recent grads make is that they don’t apply for a job because they don’t meet all the qualifications. Most candidates don’t meet every desired qualification an employer has.

Does college guarantee a job?

A degree can’t guarantee you a job because it can’t guarantee that you actually have basic human wisdom about how to operate in a workplace. You have to figure out how to demonstrate that yourself in a job market full of highly-educated people who were skipped over by the common sense gene (if you know what I mean).