Hi [Name of Recruiter], Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in this position at this time. However, if I find that I’m looking for another opportunity in the future, I’ll for sure get in touch.

How do you tell recruiter you are not interested right now?

Not Interested in Making a Move

Thanks for reaching out, but this position is not of interest to me. Thanks for reaching out to me. I am currently not in the market, but feel free to send me anything you think may be of interest. If I know someone who would be a good fit, I’ll happily send them along to you.

What do you say to a recruiter when you are not interested?

Telling “no” to a recruiter should not take a whole lot of your time in this case. “Thank you for considering me for the [position] at [company], but I am happy with my current employer.” “Thanks for reaching out, but I am not looking for a change in my career at the time.”

How do you say you are not interested in a job opportunity?

The best approach is to be brief but honest about your specific reason for not accepting the position, saying something like:

  1. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to accept a position at another company.
  2. After much thought, I’ve decided that now is not the best time to leave my current position.

How do you say you’re not interested in a nice way?

It’s flattering that you’re reaching out, but I’m in a relationship.” “I want to be straight with you; I’m seeing other guys right now.” “Hey, I had a great time with you, but I’m just not interested right now.” “I’m sorry, I just didn’t feel a connection.”

How do I decline an interview with a recruiter?

Hi [Name], Thank you so much for taking the time to review my application and inviting me to interview for the [position] role at [Organization]. However, I regretfully need to withdraw my application from this process at the moment. Thank you again for your time and consideration and I hope we can stay connected.

How do you reject someone nicely?

7 ways to reject someone nicely

  1. Be honest. They don’t say that honesty is the best policy for nothing. …
  2. Prepare yourself. …
  3. Do it face to face. …
  4. Stick with “I” statements. …
  5. Know that what you’re feeling is normal. …
  6. Avoid putting it off. …
  7. Don’t give false hope.

How do you decline being set up?

Instead of pointing out flaws in the other person, focus on why the setup isn’t good for you. Tell the person you’re not in a place where you feel like dating right now or that you prefer to live up the single life for a bit. If you really want to soften the blow, you can even throw in a compliment first.