What is something that makes something better?

enrich. verb. to make something better or more enjoyable.

When things make something else better?

What is another word for make better?

cure palliate
remedy improve
ameliorate doctor
rehabilitate nurse
ease restore

What is the act of making something better?

ameliorate Add to list Share. To ameliorate is to step in and make a bad situation better.

What does it mean when something is better?

Definition of better

(Entry 1 of 5) comparative of good. 1 : greater than half for the better part of an hour. 2 : improved in health or mental attitude feeling better. 3 : more attractive, favorable, or commendable in better circumstances.

How do you say something better?


  1. surpass. verb. to be better or greater than something else.
  2. outdo. verb. to be better than someone else at doing something.
  3. rise above. phrasal verb. to be better than other things of the same type.
  4. beat. verb. …
  5. outshine. verb. …
  6. overtake. verb. …
  7. be more than a match for someone. phrase. …
  8. be in a class of your/its own. phrase.

What are examples of improve?

An example of improve is when you make a new product that is better than the old one. An example of improve is when you practice piano until you learn to play better. To make (something) better; to increase the value or productivity (of something). Painting the woodwork will improve this house.

What is the base word for better?

As an adjective, the word better is a comparative of the word good, with the superlative being best.

What kind of word is better?

Better can be an adjective, an adverb, a verb or a noun.

What is another word for better than?

What is another word for better than?

ahead of surpassing
exceeding outdistancing
outstripping superior to
further on than more advanced than
prevailing over

What is the noun form of better?

betterness. (uncountable) The state or quality of being better; superiority. (countable) The result or product of being better.

Who did it better meaning?

Definition: 1. (V.) have sexual intercourse with (someone); 2. (V.) damage or ruin (something).

What is the difference between good and better?

Good is an adjective. Better is the comparison form of good, while well is an adverb. For example: She is a good student, but he is even better.

What is the meaning of good better best?

Not all things are created equal: some are good, others are better, and only the cream of the crop rise to the level of best. These three words—good, better, and best—are examples of the three forms of an adjective or adverb: positive, comparative, and superlative.