So, `well-defined’ is perfectly well-defined. It means `single-valued‘ and carries with it the suggestion that the function that is single-valued might easily not have been.

What is the meaning of the term of well-defined?

clearly stated or described

Definition of well-defined

1 : having clearly distinguishable limits, boundaries, or features a well-defined scar. 2 : clearly stated or described well-defined policies.

What does it mean to prove something is well-defined?

So to say that something is well-defined is to say that all three things are true. If we know some of these we only need to verify the rest, for example if we know that f has the third property (so it is a function) we need to verify its domain is X and the range is a subset of Y.

What does the phrase well-defined mean in the context of set?

By the term ‘well defined’,we mean that the property which entitles an object belong to a particular set,is unique.It is obvious to find whether an object belongs to a set or not. The word distinct implies that the set should consist of different objects.So,every collection of objects is not inevitably or always a set.

How do you tell if a function is well-defined?

We have two elements that are associated to two. So f is not a well-defined function okay let's take a little closer look at well-defined s now what do you have to check to find out if a relation F

What is another word for well-defined?

synonyms for well-defined

clear-cut. distinct. explicit. precise. straightforward.

What is the opposite of well-defined?

Main entry: clear, well-defined. Definition: accurately stated or described. Usage: a set of well-defined values. Antonyms: unclear, ill-defined. Definition: poorly stated or described.

What is a well-defined term in critical thinking?

• A term or word is said to be a well-defined term if we can successfully achieve its essential definition.

What does it mean to say that a function is defined?

A function is defined as a relation between a set of inputs having one output each. In simple words, a function is a relationship between inputs where each input is related to exactly one output.

How do you illustrate well-defined sets?

We say that this is an element of set a or this one since both are triangles the symbol used to denote this relation is the greek letter epsilon. And can be read as is an element of.

Is a well defined term Eliminative?

Real Definitions.

Example: 1. Even number is any number that is divisible by two without a remainder. • Real definition is also called well-defined definition, ideal definition, and eliminative definition.

What makes a person critical thinker?

Dispositions: Critical thinkers are skeptical, open-minded, value fair-mindedness, respect evidence and reasoning, respect clarity and precision, look at different points of view, and will change positions when reason leads them to do so.

Why is logic called critical thinking?

Logic is the science of how to evaluate arguments and reasoning. Critical thinking is a process of evaluation which uses logic to separate truth from falsehood, reasonable from unreasonable beliefs.

What is the difference between logical thinking and creative thinking?

Logic uses reasoning and analytical abilities. It seeks to identify the cause and effect. Creativity involves elements of innovation, emotion, and chance. It seeks to discover new solutions.

What is the opposite of critical thinking?

The opposite of it could be biased, subjective or emotional thinking. The opposite of critical thinking can also be uncritical thinking. If by critical thinking the writer loosely means – the ability of logical analysis (even though there are clear distinctions), then the person might be illogical.

What is a logical thinker?

What Is Logical Thinking? Logical thinkers observe and analyze phenomena, reactions, and feedback and then draw conclusions based on that input. 1 They can justify their strategies, actions, and decisions based on the facts they gather.

What is logic in simple words?

1 : a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something : sound reasoning. 2 : a science that deals with the rules and processes used in sound thinking and reasoning.

Why is logic so important?

Why is logic so important? The answer is that logic helps us better understand good arguments—it helps us differentiate between good and bad reasons to believe something. We should want to have well-justified beliefs. We want to know what we should believe.

What is the importance of logic and critical thinking in order to know the truth?

It enables us to go into virtually any situation and to figure out the logic of whatever is happening in that situation. It provides a way for us to learn from new experiences through the process of continual self-assessment.

Is logic always right?

Does Logic Always Work? Logic is a very effective tool for persuading an audience about the accuracy of an argument. However, people are not always persuaded by logic. Sometimes audiences are not persuaded because they have used values or emotions instead of logic to reach conclusions.

How does logic and reasoning influence real life situations?

The logic used to explain miracles of everyday life, thinking logically helps man to question the functioning of everything around us, the logic used to argue and is somehow a thought an idea that influences us for an action we do in our daily lives.