I don’t think there’s really a set order that you ought to read them in, but I would certainly recommend that you read Nicomachean Ethics and Politics first. They represent the core of what is most commonly considered “Aristotelian philosophy”, and are the closest to what I would call the essential works of Aristotle.

What order should you read Aristotle?

BCE). Andronicus grouped the works by category and arranged them in an order of study: first logic, then natural science, then ethics and politics. Note that the Metaphysics, as its title suggests, follows next in order after the works on natural science, and just before the works on ethics and politics.

Where should I start with Aristotle?

Let’s dive in!

  • Aristotle’s Way, by Edith Hall. …
  • Aristotle: The Desire to Understand, by Jonathon Lear. …
  • The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle, by Jonathon Barnes. …
  • The Nicomachean Ethics, by Aristotle. …
  • Politics, by Aristotle. …
  • Physics, by Aristotle. …
  • The Metaphysics, by Aristotle. …
  • Poetics, by Aristotle.

Should I read Plato or Aristotle first?

If your goal is to get an A in “Plato class” and you have limited time, the “best” order would be to start with Plato. If your goal is to get an idea of how these ancient philosophers’ views changed over time, it might be appropriate to read Socrates, Plato, then Aristotle.

What is the best book on Aristotle?

  1. 1 Aristotle: His Life and School by Carlo Natali.
  2. 2 Aristotle’s Children by Richard E Rubenstein.
  3. 3 Ethics With Aristotle by Sarah Broadie.
  4. 4 Aristotle: Political Philosophy by Richard Kraut.
  5. 5 The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science by Armand Marie Leroi.
  6. In what order should I read Plato?

    According to Iamblichus, for example, the First Alcibiades should be read first, then Gorgias, Phaedo, then Cratylus, Theaetetus, Sophist, Statesman, Phaedrus, Symposium, Philebus, and finally Timaeus and Parmenides.

    Why should I read Aristotle?

    Reading Aristotle, then, is always a retrieval of the thinking of the historic personage whose accomplishments range from founding the major scientific disciplines, to inventing the only non-natural language to have succeeded in becoming a common tongue in known history (koine Greek).

    What are the three books written by Aristotle?

    Books by Aristotle

    • The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle… by Aristotle. …
    • by Aristotle. $3.59 Save $71.40. …
    • Aristotelis de arte poetica liber… by Aristotle. …
    • The Rhetoric/The Poetics. by Aristotle. …
    • The Rhetoric of Aristotle, with… by Aristotle. …
    • The Philosophy of Aristotle. by Aristotle. …
    • Metaphysics. …
    • The Basic Works of Aristotle.

    What is the first book of Aristotle?

    Metaphysics (Greek: τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικά, “things after the ones about the natural world”; Latin: Metaphysica) is one of the principal works of Aristotle, in which he develops the doctrine that he refers to sometimes as Wisdom, sometimes as First Philosophy, and sometimes as Theology.

    How do you pronounce the name Aristotle?

    Phonetic spelling of Aristotle

    1. aris-to-tle.
    2. Aris-totle.
    3. ar-uh-stot-l.
    4. EH-r-uh-s-t-AH-t-uh-l.
    5. Air-is-tot-le.

    Who is the father of philosophy?

    Socrates of Athens

    Socrates of Athens (l. c. 470/469-399 BCE) is among the most famous figures in world history for his contributions to the development of ancient Greek philosophy which provided the foundation for all of Western Philosophy. He is, in fact, known as the “Father of Western Philosophy” for this reason.

    What are 3 facts about Aristotle?

    Aristotle | 10 Facts On The Famous Ancient Greek Philosopher

    • #1 He has been called the last person to know everything there was to know.
    • #2 Most of his work which survives is in the form of lecture notes.
    • #3 He might have had an intimate relationship with a man.
    • #4 His works had a major impact on medieval Islamic thought.

    What is the name of the book given by Aristotle?

    The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle.

    Who was Aristotle’s most famous student?

    Aristotle’s most famous student was Philip II’s son Alexander, later to be known as Alexander the Great, a military genius who eventually conquered the entire Greek world as well as North Africa and the Middle East.

    Why is Aristotle important today?

    Aristotle has created a basis for a great deal of today’s scientific knowledge, such as the classification of organisms and objects. Though erroneous by current standards, his four-element system of nature (i.e. minerals, plants, animals, and humans) has guided scientists for centuries in the study of biology.

    Who taught Aristotle?


    Plato (428/427–348/347 B.C.E.) studied ethics, virtue, justice, and other ideas relating to human behavior. Following in Socrates’ footsteps, he became a teacher and inspired the work of the next great Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

    What is one of Aristotle’s famous quote?

    Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” “To perceive is to suffer.”

    What religion was Aristotle?

    Aristotle was revered among medieval Muslim scholars as “The First Teacher”, and among medieval Christians like Thomas Aquinas as simply “The Philosopher”, while the poet Dante called him “the master of those who know”.

    Born 384 BC Stagira, Chalcidice
    Died 322 BC (aged 61–62) Euboea, Macedonian Empire