What is Spock used for?

Spock is a test framework that’s built on top of Groovy. It enforces BDD at the core and ensures if all tests written using the framework follow the BDD conventions. Also, unlike JUnit, Spock has its own Mocking and test double libraries as well as full support for parameterized test scenarios.

Should I use Spock?

Spock and JUnit are both great testing frameworks for Java, and can be used for API testing. Personally, as an information technologies engineer, I prefer using Spock, and not only because it supports Groovy. In my opinion, Spock is easier and nicer to use.

What is Spock spy?

6. Spying Classes in Spock. Spies provide the ability to wrap an existing object. This means we can listen in on the conversation between the caller and the real object but retain the original object behavior. Basically, Spy delegates method calls to the original object.

What is def in Spock?

def “pushing an element on the stack“() { // blocks go here } Feature methods are the heart of a specification. They describe the features (properties, aspects) that you expect to find in the system under specification.

Is Spock an alien?

Commander Spock (born 2230 on Shi’Kahr, planet Vulcan); full name described as unpronounceable by Humans; is a half-Vulcan, half-Human hybrid; the son of Vulcan diplomat Sarek and Human teacher Amanda Grayson, the half-brother of Vulcan outcast Sybok and foster brother of Michael Burnham.

What is Spock’s real name?

S’Chn T’Gai Spock

The beloved Vulcan’s full name is officially S’Chn T’Gai Spock. The name actually comes from a popular fan work-turned novel for The Original Series in Barbara Hambly’s Ishmael which was published in 1985.

What is mock in Spock?

Stubs are fake classes that come with preprogrammed return values. Mocks are fake classes that we can examine after a test has finished and see which methods were run or not. Spock makes a clear distinction between the two as mocks and stubs , as we will see in the sections to follow.

What is Groovy assert?

An assertion is similar to an if, it verifies the expression you provide: if the expression is true it continues the execution to the next statement (and prints nothing), if the expression is false, it raises an AssertionError.

How do you write test cases in Spock?

This method now specifies a simple expected behavior that the number one should be equal to one. It's not a realistic test case but it shows the basic of a spot. Test.

How do you assert in Spock?

Introduction to Assertions (aka Conditions)

We have to specify the expected state in the then or expect block. We can create conditions by using boolean expressions. To be more specific, we can use any expression and Groovy decides whether our expression is true or false . If our condition is true , our test will pass.

What is Spock spring?

Spock 1.2 adds support for exporting mocks from a Specification into an ApplicationContext . This was inspired by Spring Boot’s @MockBean (realised via Mockito) but adapted to fit into Spock style. It does not require any Spring Boot dependencies, however it requires Spring Framework 4.3. 5 or greater to work.

What is a Groovy mock?

The Groovy mocking and stubbing classes can be found in the groovy. mock. interceptor package. The MockFor class supports (typically unit) testing of classes in isolation by allowing a strictly ordered expectation of the behavior of collaborators to be defined.

What is difference between spy and mock?

Both can be used to mock methods or fields. The difference is that in mock, you are creating a complete mock or fake object while in spy, there is the real object and you just spying or stubbing specific methods of it.

What is stub and mock?

Stub: a dummy piece of code that lets the test run, but you don’t care what happens to it. Mock: a dummy piece of code, that you VERIFY is called correctly as part of the test.

What is stub mock and spy?

Spies are known as partially mock objects. It means spy creates a partial object or a half dummy of the real object by stubbing or spying the real ones. In spying, the real object remains unchanged, and we just spy some specific methods of it.

What is stubbing in Junit?

A stub is a fake class that comes with preprogrammed return values. It’s injected into the class under test to give you absolute control over what’s being tested as input. A typical stub is a database connection that allows you to mimic any scenario without having a real database.

What’s the difference between faking mocking and stubbing?

Stub – an object that provides predefined answers to method calls. Mock – an object on which you set expectations. Fake – an object with limited capabilities (for the purposes of testing), e.g. a fake web service. Test Double is the general term for stubs, mocks and fakes.