correlationism (uncountable) (philosophy) The philosophical standpoint, rejected by proponents of speculative realism, that we cannot directly access thinking and being, but only the correlation between them.

Who is the originator of correlationism?

Quentin Meillassoux

Quentin Meillassoux
School Continental philosophy Speculative realism (speculative materialism)
Institutions École Normale Supérieure Paris I
Main interests Materialism, philosophy of mathematics
Notable ideas Speculative materialism, correlationism, facticity, factiality, ancestrality

What is speculative reality?

Speculative realism is a movement in contemporary Continental-inspired philosophy (also known as post-Continental philosophy) that defines itself loosely in its stance of metaphysical realism against its interpretation of the dominant forms of post-Kantian philosophy (or what it terms “correlationism”).