Is it legal to ask current salary in New York?

The new law prohibits all employers – both public and private – from asking prospective or current employees about their salary history and compensation. It also prohibits businesses from seeking similar information from other sources.

What do you say when a potential employer asks your current salary?

Applicants “should not disclose their previous salary but instead reframe their answer to express their salary expectations or requirements for the job,” according to Hoy. In other words, tell them what you expect to make, not what you’re currently paid.

Is it illegal to ask current salary interview?

Employers are free to ask you about your current and past salaries under federal law.

Can new employers check your current salary?

A salary history ban prohibits employers from asking applicants about their current or past salaries, benefits, or other compensation. This means employers can’t ask about your current salary on job applications or other written materials or ask you about your salary in an interview.

Do I need to disclose my previous salary?

Salary history is personal information that you may choose to withhold from your employer. However, while there is no legal obligation to disclose your previous salary, there is no way to be sure how a particular employer may react. Declining to disclose your previous salary could result in losing the job opportunity.

Does NYC have a salary history ban?

The new salary history law prohibits employers from asking applicants or current employees for their wage or salary history as a condition of consideration for employment or promotion, and from asking other employers for that information.

Should I disclose my current salary to recruiter?

“An employer may have the right to ask for your salary, and it may be legally free to terminate your application, but you also have the right to say NO,” Corcodilos advised. Job coach Mandi Woodruff-Santos agreed that it’s best not to answer questions about your current salary.

Should you lie about your current salary in an interview?

Muse Career Coach, Theresa Merrill, advises people to be honest about their current or past salary. Misrepresenting anything about your work history in an interview or on an application is “unethical,” and therefore unadvisable.

Is it legal to ask for current salary UK?

Unlike in the US, making the previous salary question illegal is not on the agenda here in Britain. And the simple reality is that many will find it difficult to refuse to answer a straight question in an interview context.

How do you answer current salary question UK?

When asked your salary you can simply talk about what you are looking for e.g. “I’m focusing on opportunities in the £25-30k range”. This is where your research comes in – you need to have a realistic idea of your market value, whilst giving yourself some room to negotiate.

How do you refuse to disclose a salary?

You cannot simply say “no” and leave it at that. Rather, demonstrate that your salary history is not important because of the value you can offer the company. Say that you’d rather not disclose your current salary, as you would like to have a fair negotiation based on your skills and what you have to offer the company.

How do you answer current salary?

When the prospective employer asks about your current salary, be thoughtful before giving a number. A good way to approach this question is to provide a figure that is a calculation of your gross salary plus benefits. Your net salary would be a considerably lower number and certainly not the one you should share.