Is revenge an ethical issue?

Revenge is often seen as morally wrong but the truth is that it is used in the justice system as the correct way to right a wrong. In order to begin to understand revenge in a moral and ethic manner, people must know what revenge, ethics, and morals are.

Why revenge is not justified?

In principle, just because you did something bad to me is never a reason for me to do something bad to you. Doing something for revenge or to get even just makes more bad things happen. Sometimes we justify harming someone to teach them a lesson.

Can revenge be morally justified?

The desire to take revenge may be justified by the incapacity of the legal system of justice to fully restore the previous situation; but we cannot appeal to justice for help; only for condonation. Revenge can never be part of the system of justice; nor can it be justified as ‘just’.

What is the moral of revenge?

When we’re motivated to seek revenge, it’s often out of a sense of fairness. If an injustice has been committed, then the only way to restore balance in the moral universe is if the wrongdoers pay for what they’ve done. Justice will not prevail until those who have caused suffering are made to suffer themselves.

What are the consequences of revenge?

People who tend to hold favorable beliefs about revenge and engage in vengeful behavior are more likely to be neurotic, introverted, hostile, ruminative and predisposed to dwell on slights and transgressions, according to a new study by Robert A.

Is revenge ever justified meaning?

If someone has wronged you, sometimes it’s justified to get revenge because it deters future wrongdoing. The avenger might take revenge on behalf of their loved ones in order to prevent other people from suffering as well. Revenge can be a satisfying, ego-boosting experience for both parties involved.

Why is revenge so important?

If you’re a power-seeker, revenge can serve to remind others you’re not to be trifled with. If you live in a society where the rule of law is weak, revenge provides a way to keep order.

Is justice the same as revenge?

Justice is basically defined as the concept of moral rightness, which is based on the rules of fairness, ethics, equality and law. Revenge, on the other hand, refers to an action taken by an individual as a response to a wrongdoing.

What are examples of revenge?

An example of revenge is when someone steals your car so you steal their car years later. Any form of personal retaliatory action against an individual, institution, or group for some perceived harm or injustice. Indifference is the sweetest revenge. When I left my wife, she tried to set fire to the house in revenge.

What is the biggest revenge in the world?

1. A young Julius Caesar was once kidnapped by pirates. After paying off the ransom, Caesar raised an army, captured the pirates and had them crucified. The story goes that 25-year-old Julius Caesar was sailing on the Aegen Sea when he was captured by pirates.

Is revenge ever a good thing?

Sadly, evidence shows that people who seek revenge instead of forgiving or letting go, tend to feel worse in the long run. You are much better off channelling your energy into moving forward positively with your life.