Don’t do it! It’s not reasonable for your boss to ask you to give months of notice that you’ll be leaving, let alone expect you to tell her when you haven’t yet accepted another position yet.

When should I let my boss know I’m leaving?

It’s best to notify your manager at least two weeks in advance of your last employment date. Remain professional and gracious during the conversation, thanking your employer for the opportunity.

Should I tell my boss that I’m looking for another job?

If you’ve had previous conversations with your boss about your desire to take on more responsibilities and move up in the organization, telling him or her about your job search might not come as a surprise. Your boss may even be supportive of your efforts and could even provide a positive reference.

Can I tell my boss I’m thinking of leaving?

Be Polite. First and foremost, no matter the reason you plan to quit, you need to tell your boss politely. Even if you absolutely despise your current job, nothing displays character like a courteous departure. Plus, some jobs in the future may ask for references from previous employers.

Can an employer fire you for looking for another job?

Q: Can I Be Fired for Looking for a New Job? A: No. To fire an employee legally the dismal must be classed as “fair”. Broadly, this means there must have been something wrong with your job performance.

Should you tell your current employer where you are going?

Legally, you have no obligation to tell your employer where you are going. There is no need to let them know where you will be working if they know where you live. Any correspondence, notices, or benefits can be mailed or delivered to your residence.

What to do if your boss finds out you are looking for another job?

The best thing you can do at this point is to thank your boss for allowing you to be open, then assure her that you’re fully committed to your role and to doing the best job possible. More importantly, prove it. Come in early or stay late. Make sure your work is primo quality.

What to say if your boss asks if you are looking for a new job?

If they say something such as, “Let’s talk. I value your work,” then perhaps you discuss why you are looking for other opportunities. If you choose to discuss it, don’t dwell on negatives. Talk about seeking continued challenge and professional growth.