What is hermeneutic fictionalism?

Hermeneutic fictionalism about a discourse D is a thesis about the actual nature of the discourse: according to hermeneutic fictionalism we actually do not aim at the literal truth but only appear or pretend to do so.

What is mathematical fictionalism?

Article Summary. Fictionalism in the philosophy of mathematics is the view that mathematical statements, such as ‘8+5=13’ and ‘∏ is irrational’, are to be interpreted at face value and, thus interpreted, are false.

Who invented fictionalism?

Two important strands of fictionalism are modal fictionalism developed by Gideon Rosen, which states that possible worlds, regardless of whether they exist or not, may be a part of a useful discourse, and mathematical fictionalism advocated by Hartry Field.

What is mathematical nominalism?

Nominalism about mathematics (or mathematical nominalism) is the view according to which either mathematical objects, relations, and structures do not exist at all, or they do not exist as abstract objects (they are neither located in space-time nor do they have causal powers).

What is a Platonist philosopher?

Philosophers who affirm the existence of abstract objects are sometimes called platonists; those who deny their existence are sometimes called nominalists. The terms “platonism” and “nominalism” also have established senses in the history of philosophy.

Is Quine a Nominalist?

And there are those who, like Quine at a certain point of his philosophical development (1964; 1981), accept sets or classes and so are not nominalists in the sense of rejecting abstract objects and yet reject universals and so are nominalists in the sense of rejecting universals.

Do numbers exist nominalism?

That that's what mathematics is about it's about concrete things in the world this kind of nominalist view begins to run into trouble when we start to think about.

What is nominalism and realism?

Realism is the philosophical position that posits that universals are just as real as physical, measurable material. Nominalism is the philosophical position that promotes that universal or abstract concepts do not exist in the same way as physical, tangible material.