What is Avicenna philosophy?

Avicenna was a devout Muslim and sought to reconcile rational philosophy with Islamic theology. His aim was to prove the existence of God and His creation of the world scientifically and through reason and logic.

What is soul according to Avicenna?

This proves, according to Avicenna, that the soul is indivisible, immaterial, and incorruptible substance, not imprinted in matter, but created with the body, which it uses as an instrument.

What metaphysical distinction did Avicenna develop?

According to Avicenna, metaphysics—and no other science—can (and must) establish the existence of a First absolute Principle.

Who translated Avicenna?

Andreas Alpago

To these names, one has undoubtedly to add that of Andreas Alpago, who translated both medical and philosophical treatises of Avicenna.

Was Avicenna an empiricist?

Avicenna’s rationalist empiricism is the main reason why he strove in his philosophy on the one hand to perfect and fine-tune logical method and on the other to study, at an unprecedented level of sophistication and precision, the human (rational) soul and cognitive processes which provide knowledge through the …