What is a good reason to say you’re looking for a new job?

Have a planned, authentic response. Talk about how you’re looking for a new challenge in your career, learning a new industry or focus area, or needing to find a new job because you’re relocating—those are honest, relatable answers. You say: “I feel as though I’m ready for another stage in my career.

How do you answer what is the reason you are looking for a job?

Give a positive answer

Whatever your reason for looking for a job, apply the same principle by positioning your response into a positive and opportunity-driven statement: “I’m looking for an opportunity where I can put those abilities to work for a mission I’m passionate about.

What is the best answer for reason for job change?

Sample 1: I am willing to learn more about (mention a skill or task the new job includes. I’m sure this job will allow me to develop new skills and leverage my current skills and expertise. Sample 2: I am looking out for an opportunity that allows me to work on interesting and challenging projects.

What attracted you to apply for this role?

After you show them you’re targeting specific things in your job search, talk about what caught your interest. You could mention details you saw on the job description, on the company website, etc. Show them you understand what their role involves and are excited to be doing the work!

How do you answer what are you looking for?

It is important that your response is honest, factual and showcases the skills you have that are important to the role in question.

  1. Start with your skills. This is an area that will be important to hiring managers. …
  2. Explain your motivations. …
  3. Reveal long term goals. …
  4. Make it about the company.

How do you say you are looking for a job on LinkedIn?

Tap your profile picture > View Profile. Tap the Open to button in your introduction card (at the top of your profile). Provide the requested information in the screen that appears. You can choose whether all LinkedIn members or only recruiters can see that you’re open to job opportunities.

What kind of job are you looking for best answer for freshers?

Example: “For a fresher like me, the initial years make for a solid foundation over which I can build my career, and I can ask for no better organisation than yours. I would like to serve the company for as long as I can have an enriching career.