There is something moral, because the question of racism involves how we treat others. When an act of racism occurs, it harms the social standing that another person or group of people enjoy. It can also harm the freedom and well-being of its target.

Is discrimination a moral?

1.2 The Moralized Concept. The concept of discrimination is inherently normative to the extent that the idea of disadvantage is a normative one. But it does not follow from this point that discrimination is, by definition, morally wrong.

What is an example of a moral issue?

1. On this view, examples of a moral issue would include whether it is right that one speaks truthfully in a particular circumstance or whether one obeys the law in a particular circumstance, as these issues as the rightness or wrongness of the action are assumed to be factually determinable through empirical inquiry.

Is discrimination an ethical issue?


One of the biggest ethical issues affecting the business world in 2020 is discrimination. In the last few months, many corporations have come under fire for lacking a diverse workforce, which is often down to discrimination. However, discrimination can occur at businesses of all sizes.