Oh it’s pretty simple. Send a sincere thank you note to the customer marking your boss in cc. N do make sure to add a few discrete details about how you are grateful for the opportunity to add value to the customer in the ways that you did (just so that your boss knows what exactly you did!)

How do you acknowledge appreciation mail from customers?

Sample phrases to use to respond to a compliment

  1. Thank you for your kind words.
  2. I really appreciate your feedback.
  3. That’s great, you made our day.
  4. That’s what we like to hear.
  5. We’re happy you’re happy.
  6. You put a big smile on our faces.

Can I forward praise of me to my boss?

Yep, absolutely. Don’t forward minor praise (like a quick “thanks for your help”), but when people go out of their way to praise your work in a more substantive way, it’s perfectly appropriate to share that with your boss.

How do I forward appreciation mail?

Thank you for making the project successful, which our client loved it!

  1. Dear [ team name ], I would like to appreciate the efforts in successfully handling the presentation on behalf of the marketing team. …
  2. Dear team members, I would like to inform you that the [ project name ] we worked on was a huge success. …
  3. Hi team!

How do you respond to appreciation emails from managers?

Here are ways you can reply to a thank-you email from your boss in the best manner.

  1. 01Thank you very much for your email. …
  2. 02I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to prove myself within the team. …
  3. 03Your feedback is very much appreciated. …
  4. 04I am so grateful for your email.

How do you thank a manager for positive feedback?

2 Thank your manager for the positive feedback

  1. Thank you for noticing, it really makes me happy to hear!
  2. Thanks for noticing, I put a lot of time and effort into that project.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you feel this way!
  4. Thank you for the positive feedback! It means a lot to know you’ve noticed me.

How do I share my appreciation email with my team?

Here’s a framework to write your own impactful, thank-you email:

  1. Start off by thanking them for everything they’ve done for your organization.
  2. Move into specific details about their performance. …
  3. Keep it short and sweet. …
  4. Try not to use too many exclamation points. …
  5. Keep it personal.

How do you share appreciation with a team?

What to Include in Your Letter. In your letter of appreciation, be specific about your team member’s contribution to a project. Recognize the skills and experiences the person used to assist with the project and mention how they helped the team accomplish their goals. Thank them for the time and effort they shared.

How do you compliment an employee to their boss sample?

Timely and sincere praise shows appreciation and provides positive reinforcement for effective leadership. Sample compliments for your boss, for example, might include, “Thanks for promptly responding to my email and sharing your exciting plans to open up a new territory by June.”

How do you respond to appreciate you?

You can respond to appreciation by saying “thank you” or “I appreciate you,” which both have the same meaning. The common phrase used in response is “Thank You.”