How do you reflect a title change on a resume?

Include your most recent job title (and the dates you’ve held that title) under the company name. Add bullets outlining your responsibilities while working that specific role. Repeat this process, starting with your second most recent job title.

Can you modify job title on resume?

Is it OK to change your job title on your resume to one better reflecting your duties to catch the eye of hiring managers and/or resume screening software? Recruiters say yes, within limits.

How do you describe change of job title?

Meet with your manager to present your request for the title change. Explain how you arrived at the title you’ve chosen. If necessary, show your manager the information you gathered about the job title and the duties that title entails. Compare your skills to the skills required for the title you want.

What to do when your job title doesn’t match your actual job?

What to do when your job title doesn’t match your actual job

  1. Resume: Think functional, not chronological. Let’s be clear on one thing: Don’t lie about your title on your application. …
  2. Cover letter: Show what you really do. Here’s your chance to tell the real story behind your job title. …
  3. Interview: Back it up with specifics.

How do you put a title on a resume?

It is important to use your real job title in your experience section so the hiring manager or recruiter can verify your previous job title on your resume with your former employer. But you can also include a similar job title that provides clarification next to your actual job title in parenthesis.