To obtain a security clearance you must be sponsored by a government agency for a position which requires access to classified information. You must be a U.S. citizen to obtain a security clearance.

How do I ask for a clearance?

Most respectfully, I resigned from my duty on __/__/____ (mention date). Also, I have cleared all my dues. Therefore, it is to request you to kindly issue a clearance certificate in my name as this would help me in _________ (mention reason – why do you want the clearance certificate).

What questions are asked for security clearance?

Questions about experience and background

Name three responsibilities you had in your last job and describe what you learned from them. Can you tell me about your law enforcement experience? Have you ever held a security clearance before? Have you ever had access to classified or top-secret information before?

Can you ask someone if they have a clearance?

If they are a defense contractor with positions that require a security clearance and you are inquiring about their openings, it is only natural (and absolutely permissible) that they would ask if you have a security clearance.

Can you say you have a security clearance?

Some people say that disclosing your security clearance will make you lose it. In some countries – like Australia – it is forbidden to disclose your clearance. However, in the United States, it’s perfectly legal to disclose it.

How do I write a letter of request for clearance?

I would like to most humbly inform you that I am writing this letter in order to request you to kindly issue the clearance certificate in my name. I need the said document for ___________ (mention purpose/ reason). Respected, I have cleared all dues and paid the amount in the stated time.

How do I write an email for clearance?

(Employee name) has worked for two/three years (More/less) with (Department name and Company name). S/he got the clearance at the time of resignation from all the required/relevant departments of the company. So there is no any obligation on (Employee name) after the date of his/her resignation from the company.

Who do they interview for a security clearance?

For a secret clearance in a national security position, the investigation requires agents to interview people who have lived or worked with the applicant at some point in the last seven years (or more).

Should you put clearance level on resume?

A: It’s perfectly okay to specify that you have a clearance, as well as clearance type. It’s also okay to list polygraph information and dates on your resume, according to intelligence agency resume guidelines, including those provided by the National Security Agency.

What does TS SCI clearance mean?

Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information

Work deemed Critical Sensitive requires a Top Secret clearance. Special Sensitive work requires access to Sensitive Compartmented Information and therefore a Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) clearance. When TTS employees need a clearance, it is typically a TS/SCI.

Should you put your clearance on your resume?

Don’t hide the clearance in the body of your resume. Put the clearance in the header of the document or some other prominent position that will immediately show the hiring team that you have the designation they’re looking for.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?


  • Controlled Unclassified. Controlled Unclassified does not represent a clearance designation, but rather a clearance level at which information distribution is controlled. …
  • Public Trust Position. …
  • Confidential. …
  • Secret. …
  • Top Secret. …
  • Compartmented.

Should I put my security clearance on LinkedIn?

In most cases, you should not put your security clearance in your LinkedIn profile. Due to national security issues, and personal security threats, publicizing your clearance status makes it easy to target you and exploit the information you have about the project you are supporting.

What is a Yankee White clearance?

A yankee white clearance isn’t as much a separate background investigation as it is an administrative nickname for security clearances issued for specific offices serving the president and vice president. Think of it as a special suitability designation, rather than a separate security clearance.

Is top secret clearance worth it?

The highest levels of clearance can lead to even higher salaries. The Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area also reported that employees with top secret security clearance could earn up to 60% more than those without top secret clearance in certain jobs.