What To Do When You Don’t Know The Answer To a Customers Question

  • Be Honest. This does not mean you tell the customer “I don’t know”. …
  • Don’t Make Stuff Up. NEVER! …
  • Search For Answers. …
  • Give the Customer An Estimated Wait Time. …
  • Inform the Customer. …
  • Close Gracefully.

How do you respond when you can’t answer a question?

Try one of these:

  1. “Unfortunately, that falls outside the scope of my research/this project, but thanks for your interest. …
  2. “Can I connect you with someone who might be better able to answer your question?”
  3. “I don’t know, but I’d be happy to look into that and get back to you with an answer.”

How do you deal with a customer you can’t understand?

10 strategies for dealing with difficult customers

  1. First and foremost, listen. …
  2. Build rapport through empathy. …
  3. Lower your voice. …
  4. Respond as if all your customers are watching. …
  5. Know when to give in. …
  6. Stay calm. …
  7. Don’t take it personally. …
  8. Remember that you’re interacting with a human.

How do you politely decline an answer?

Good ways to say anything but “No Comment” to questions you really don’t want to answer:

  1. “I’m sorry but I’m not able to speak to that subject”
  2. “Thanks for asking but I’m not able to answer that question”
  3. “I’m sorry but that information is proprietary”

What to say if you can’t answer a question in presentation?

This can be broken down into a few main parts.

  • Acknowledge the question positively.
  • Explain that you don’t know the answer in a clear and concise manner.
  • Tell them you will find out for them.
  • Clarify how you will get back to them.
  • Give them a definite date/time.

How do you handle a frustrated customer?

How to deal with angry customers

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Shift your mindset.
  3. Acknowledge their distress.
  4. Introduce yourself.
  5. Learn about the person you are talking to.
  6. Listen.
  7. Repeat their concerns back to the customer.
  8. Sympathize, empathize and apologize.

How do you say you don’t know something in a presentation?

I don’t know, but I’ll find out and let you know. In the meantime I have a thought on the issue. Please keep in mind that it’s not the answer to your question as I’ve already stated I don’t know the answer but here is a thought…

What is not a good strategy if you are unable to answer a question from an audience member during your presentation?

Acknowledge you don’t know the answer. O and would think and get back to the. questioner. Acknowledge you don’t know the answer.