Which of the following might Scrum team discuss during a sprint retrospective?

The Scrum Team discusses what went well during the Sprint, what problems it encountered, and how those problems were (or were not) solved. The Scrum Team identifies the most helpful changes to improve its effectiveness. The most impactful improvements are addressed as soon as possible.

What is sprint retrospective event?

The sprint retrospective is a recurring meeting held at the end of a sprint used to discuss what went well during the previous sprint cycle and what can be improved for the next sprint.

What is the product owner responsible for during the sprint retrospective?

The sprint retrospective meetings takes place at the end of the sprint after the sprint review meeting and should produce improvement measures. The product owner has to take part to these meetings to strengthen his relationship with the other members of the Scrum team and to improve the collaboration with them.

What is expected from the Scrum Master during the sprint retrospective?

A good Scrum team will always focus on continuous improvement opportunities like the team should set a goal, and have a scheduled period of the plan at the end of the each Sprint. Therefore, it reflects on how they are going to find the ways to improve. This will be happening during the “Sprint Retrospective”.

Which two things should the scrum team do during the first sprint?

Which two things does the Development Team do during the first Sprint? Deliver an increment of potentially releasable software. Determine the complete architecture and infrastructure for the product. Develop and deliver at least one piece of functionality.

Which of the following are topics for the developers to discuss at the daily scrum?

During the daily scrum, each team member answers the following three questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Are there any impediments in your way?

What happens in daily scrum meeting?

Inspection and Adaption at the Heart of Scrum

The Developers use the Daily Scrum to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal and to inspect how progress is trending toward completing the work in the Sprint Backlog. The Daily Scrum optimizes the probability that the Development Team will meet the Sprint Goal.

What is a team retrospective?

A team retrospective, or ‘retro’ for short, is a meeting typically held at the end of a project or a season, aimed at identifying what worked well, what not so well, and uncovering problem areas that the whole team can learn from and fix.

When should sprint retrospective happen?

The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning. This is at most a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints.

What does the Scrum Master do during the sprint?

Scrum Master’s role during the sprint is to maximize productivity and handle any blocking issues which require inputs from Product Owner. The Scrum Master also prepares the product backlog for the next sprint. The whole Scrum Team meets at the end of the sprint to discuss the product backlog for the next sprint.

What is the purpose of retrospective?

The purpose of the retrospective meeting is to: Evaluate how the last sprint, iteration, or work item went, specifically around the team dynamic, processes, and tools. Articulate and stack rank the items that went well, and those items that did not.

What is the main purpose of daily scrum?

The aim of the daily scrum is to:

Provide a clear breakdown of the work the scrum team has carried out. Track how fast the team as a whole and individual members are working. Clear out obstacles to the work that’ll be carried out that day. Schedule tasks to be carried out quickly—all in 15 minutes daily.

What are two intended outcomes of the daily scrum?

The intended outcome of a daily scrum is for the team to get an update on completed tasks, what the team is working on towards the sprint goal, and to identify blockers. Besides the intended outcome, a daily standup can improve communication within a team, and cut back on time in other meetings.

Which are characteristics of the Daily Scrum?

Daily Scrum meeting has 3 key characteristics:

  • all team members must attend the meeting,
  • Daily Scrum meeting is held at the same time and place every day,
  • Meeting usually lasts about 15 minutes (to be precise, 2 minutes per team member, so the timebox may vary).

Which of the following services are appropriate for a Scrum Master in regard to the Daily Scrum?

Which of the following services are appropriate for a Scrum Master in regard to the Daily Scrum? Teach the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15 minute time-box. The Scrum Master ensures that the Development Team has the meeting, but the Development Team is responsible for conducting the Daily Scrum.