How do you follow up after asking for a raise?

Send your email after you’ve spoken to your manager

Once you’ve made any updates, go ahead and send it along to your manager for review and consideration. You might be wondering why you’re sending an email that says the same thing you asked for in your meeting.

How do you write a response to a raise?

I want to sincerely thank you for this year’s raise. I’ve enjoyed working with you this year and have learned so much from your guidance. I’m proud to be a part of such a hardworking and innovative team.

What to say after asking for a raise?

Start with an opener

  1. “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. In my current role, I’m excited to keep working towards key company goals and grow my personal responsibilities. …
  2. “Thank you for taking this meeting. I’m excited to share some of my recent accomplishments with you and discuss my salary.

How do you write a follow up email after asking for a raise?

Dear Mr. Xxxx, I know you are very busy, but it has been two weeks, and I have received no response from you about my recent letters regarding my pay raise request. I would really appreciate any update from the management or any concerns they might have about my request.

Can I get fired for asking for a raise?

The simple answer is: If you’re an at-will employee, then you can be fired for any reason that does not violate the law.

How long should you wait after asking for a raise?

Once again, the answer is one year. Typically it’s reasonable to ask for your salary to be reviewed annually, so if you got a raise six months ago, you probably have another six months to wait before you can reasonably ask again. (Of course, the exceptions above apply here too.)

How do I ask my boss for a raise example?

I request a pay raise of 6%, which I believe reflects both my current competencies and industry averages. Once again, I am grateful to be a member of this organization, and I enjoy taking on assignments that allow me to contribute to the company. Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

How do I ask my boss for a raise Email?

Your message should include:

  1. A request for a meeting to discuss your compensation (in the subject line of the message)
  2. Why you deserve a salary increase.
  3. What additional responsibilities you have taken on in your role.
  4. Any skills or certifications you have acquired since being hired.

How do you say thank you for a raise in an email?

Dear [Boss’ First Name], Thank you for recognizing my efforts throughout this year with the recent raise. It was a pleasant surprise to receive before the holidays. I look forward to continued success in the new year for the company.

Is it OK to ask for a raise via email?

Set up a time to ask for your pay raise

To schedule a time to bring up your request for a higher salary, I recommend sending an email or going to your boss face-to-face.

Should you ask for a raise in person or email?

1. Don’t ask via email, if possible. Although it’s acceptable to schedule a meeting via email, you really should have the conversation about getting a raise in person. It’s the best way to show that you’re serious and will also allow you to gauge your boss’s reaction to your request.

How do you remind your boss for a pay raise?

Introduction and request] Thanks for your time the other day. As we discussed, it has been [amount of time] since [“my last significant salary adjustment” OR “since I was hired”], and I would like to revisit my salary now that I’m contributing much more to the company.