Are app reviews important?

How do App User Ratings and Reviews Impact Downloads? The majority (59%) of people have been found to check the ratings and reviews before they download a new app. This makes them a very important aspect of your app store page and crucial to grabbing the attention of your target audience.

What is the effect of rating on App Store?

Your app’s rating will affect its chances of being featured. Apps with 3 stars or lower will not be featured. The app rating is an important aspect of ASO. Negative mobile app reviews combined with a poor rating will hurt your app’s rank, but great app reviews and high ratings will help increase your app’s rank.

How do you handle app reviews?

Address the user

Review Replies should be concise and clearly address customer feedback. Honestly, thank users for their feedback and address users by their name. Your users want to feel that their opinions are listened to. Keep in mind, that even bad feedback is good feedback as you can learn from it.

Is it worth responding to reviews studying the top free apps in Google Play?

An analysis of reviews and responses for 10,713 of the top apps in Google Play showed that few developers responded to reviews. However, responding can have positive effects. Users changed their ratings 38.7 percent of the time following a response, with a median rating increase of 20 percent.

How do I respond to a negative review on Google?

How to respond to bad reviews

  1. Respond in a timely manner. …
  2. Stay professional and courteous. …
  3. Understand your customer’s experience with your business before responding. …
  4. Apologize when appropriate but don’t take responsibility for things that weren’t your fault. …
  5. Offer to talk it over.

How do I respond to negative reviews on Google Play?

Here are a few strategies on responding to reviews in Google Play and the App Store to consider.
How to start

  1. Work with positive and negative reviews separately. …
  2. Tag the negative reviews and use semantic analysis to define what the users complain about most often. …
  3. Use response templates. …
  4. Monitor the updated reviews.

What happens if I report a review on Google?

If a review contains “obscene, profane or offensive language,” Google will remove it, even if it is an otherwise legitimate review. That means if the language is offensive, it doesn’t matter if the negative review is fake or real—it’s a violation. Google employees use their discretion to decide what crosses the line.

Can you delete a Google review?

Google reviews aren’t forever — you can delete any review you’ve written. Deleting a Google review you wrote is quite simple, you just have to know where to start. For those who own a business and are dealing with a false or spammy review, you can flag it to Google for removal.

How can you tell fake reviews on Google Play?

Fake reviews on Google Play

However, if you read the reviews, it’s hard to find one that isn’t suspicious. First, several of them have misspelled words and minor grammatical errors. If you look closer, the reviews are lacking details. And many of them are written very similarly, like using the app to find your remote.

Why is my Google Play review removed?

Google Play’s policies for ratings and reviews are below. Reviews that don’t follow these policies will be removed, and anyone who repeatedly or egregiously violates them may lose the ability to post reviews on Google Play.

How long does Google app review take?

Once your app has been submitted to the Google Play Store it will be reviewed by a mix of Human and Automated auditors. This review process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. A few hours after approval your app will appear on the Google Play Store.