What is the purpose of induction?

The main purpose of an induction is to integrate your new hires into the company and show them the systems, procedures, culture, values and the organisation itself. It also helps them ease into a new environment at a time when many new employees will make a call in those early days on whether to stay or leave.

What should be included in an induction?

Induction should also include information about systems and procedures, company strategy and services (such as company values and behaviours), alongside job specific information (e.g. department information, job requirements and objectives), and an introduction, virtual or in-person, to the wider team.

What does induction mean in a job?

Induction is the process for welcoming newly recruited employees and supporting them to adjust to their new roles and working environments. Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in.

How do you conduct a new staff induction?

6 ways to give a new-starter a great induction

  1. Give them a welcome gift. Everyone loves presents, so what better way to welcome someone who is a little nervous than to give them a gift? …
  2. Get them involved in the social side. …
  3. Give them a holiday… …
  4. Get them noticed. …
  5. Pair them up with a buddy. …
  6. Pay them to leave.

What happens in induction meeting?

It provides an introduction to the working environment and the set-up of the employee within the organisation. The process will cover the employer and employee rights and the terms requirements for working at the company and pay attention to the health and safety of the new employee.

What are the stages of induction?

There are three basic phases to any induction process:

  • Pre-Induction: This occurs prior to a new employee starting work.
  • Induction: This is the actual transition into the work place.
  • Post-Induction: This period is about adjustment to the new role having already started.

What should I do the day of induction?

5 Things To Do the Day Before Your Induction

  • Pamper Yourself. Take a long, Epsom salt bath to relax. …
  • Take Pictures. …
  • Double Check Your Hospital Bag. …
  • Cuddle Up Together. …
  • Go to Bed Early.

How long is a work induction?

Induction usually only takes about 2 hours and if your induction is on Saturday then your first official shift would most likely be Sunday. The induction would take an 30 minutes max. Once you have your induction you could possibly start from 7days after maybe sooner maybe longer.

What is the next process after induction?


The information gathered during the follow-up process can help improve induction programs for other new starters. Once the formal induction is over, arrange regular meetings with the new employee to check how they are going. Give them the chance to raise any concerns and discuss them in confidence.

Do you get paid for induction?

No you don’t get paid for induction they will avoid paying you for everything they can.

Who is responsible for induction?

4. The HR manager of an organizational unit bears the responsibility of implementing the induction process in that unit, taking the local organizational environment into consideration.

What happens in an induction at work?

Within the workplace, an induction refers to the process of getting new employees acquainted with your business, helping them to settle in and giving them the information required for them to become a valuable team member.

How do you introduce yourself in an induction program?

Tips to introduce yourself to new employees

  1. Base your introduction on your environment. …
  2. Take advantage of your company’s orientation program. …
  3. Ask for a team introduction. …
  4. Introduce yourself to other teams. …
  5. Find more opportunities for introductions. …
  6. Ask questions. …
  7. Get the company’s organizational chart. …
  8. Send follow-up emails.

What does a good induction look like?

A good induction process includes the following elements: an overview of the company’s history, products and services. culture and values. physical orientation (where things are)

What are the 3 main types of induction training?

3 Types of Induction Programme That You Can Follow While Appointing New Candidates for Your Organisation

  • General Induction Programme:
  • Specific Orientation Programme:
  • Follow-up Induction Programme: