It means to remain free from the outcome of the desire. We can’t control the results. We can desire to have a big pile of money in life. We can expect it.

What does it mean when you have no desires?

Anhedonia is a word that describes a reduced interest in activities an individual used to enjoy, as well as a decreased ability to feel pleasure.

How do I stop having desires?

Here are some tips:

  1. Engage in a relaxing activity before sex. …
  2. Communicate your desires. …
  3. Talk about boundaries. …
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. …
  5. Talk to a sex therapist.

Can you live without your desires?

It is impossible to live as a human being without desires. By “desires” I am including all feelings of want and need. It is a feeling in which you have an urge to do something or to obtain something. It is impossible to live as a human being without them.

How do Buddhists remove desires?

Practice mindfulness, acceptance and gratitude to help give you some freedom from that suffering. See some desires through – it’ll help you to know yourself, which is important. With awareness, eventually you’ll learn which desires are a path to a more satisfying life, and which will just leave you feeling empty.

Is it normal to not have any desires?

It is extremely rare for anyone to have only a few desires. Even if we say that there are only a handful of significant life desires, there are many smaller ones we encounter and fulfill each day. For example, a desire to eat when hungry, a desire for comfort in our everyday life, etc. are common to most people.

Is apathy a mental illness?

Apathy is a Sign of Many Mental Health Conditions

Anhedonia: Literally meaning “without pleasure,” people with anhedonia no longer enjoy activities that they usually do. Lethargy: People who are lethargic feel abnormally slow, sluggish, heavy, or fatigued. Lethargy can affect people physically and mentally.

How do you tame your desires?

Tap into your breath and the body.

  1. Think of something beautiful. Bring to mind something you want—that you REALLY want. …
  2. Let it go. Take a deep breath and let those feelings go. …
  3. Take stock of what you have. Shift your awareness to something that you have right now.

Can we get rid of desires?

Desires generally cease due to satiation, environmental changes, and, sometimes, time. If you’re hungry, there’s nothing you can do (in the long run) to kill the desire besides eating. Some desires die on their own over time.

How do monks control desires?

Sublimation. They try to transform sexual lust into lust for prayer-reading and other typical monk activities. A monastic diet with not enough animal protein helps to reduce sexual lust. Lack of sex for years is bad for their body health.