What is it called when you give advice to someone?

counsel. verb. to give someone advice and help with their problems, especially as your job.

What is it called when you ask someone for advice?

consult. verb. to ask for information or advice from someone who has special knowledge about a particular subject.

What is another word for pass on?

Alternate Synonyms for “pass on”:

advance; progress; move on; march on; go on; travel; go; move; locomote. bequeath; will; leave. relegate; submit; subject.

What is another word for advice giver?

What is another word for advice-giver?

adviser guide
tipster monitor
aide confidante
helper consultee
lawyer solicitor

What is another word for good advice?

1 admonition, warning, caution; guidance; urging. 2 intelligence, word. 3 notice, advisory.

How do you give someone advice?

To give people advice, be honest with them instead of just telling them what they want to hear. However, make sure you’re kind and respectful when you give your advice, and avoid judging the other person. For example, instead of saying, “Of course you shouldn’t do that.

How do you ask for advice example?

Asking for advice

  1. What do you suggest / recommend we do this evening?
  2. What should I do when I’m in Brighton?
  3. What ought I do on Sunday?
  4. Could you recommend a good restaurant near here?
  5. Could you suggest somewhere to go for a drink?
  6. Do you know the quickest way to the train station?

What is another way to say ask for help?

Could/can/will you help me, please? I need some assistance. Could you give me a hand. Could you lend me a hand.

What do you call a person who guides you?

leader. A person or thing that leads; directing, commanding, or guiding head, as of a group or activity. 10. 2.

Can you please advise or advice?

Do you use “Please advice” or “Please advise”? Well, the correct phrase is actually “Please advise”. Some grammar experts say that “Please advise” must have an object after the phrase because advise is a transitive verb. But since it’s widely used (especially in email), “Please advise” is grammatically accepted.

How do you ask for advice in email?

I am writing to ask if you could help me with…” “I would appreciate if you could give me some advice about…” “I am writing to ask for your advice.” “I wonder if you could help me with a problem.”

Is Please advise professional?

Please advise is a formal request for information, often associated with professional correspondence. The expression is often interpreted as a passive-aggressive phrase in business contexts and tongue-in-cheek in casual contexts.

How do you use advice in a sentence?

He needs advice from an expert. She’s been giving him some expert advice about investing. “May I ask your advice about something?” “Certainly. I’m always happy to give advice when asked for it.”