How do you communicate with your employer brand?

Here are our five top tips for communicating your employer brand.

  1. Know your audience. Is the first rule of marketing and it can be applied to employer branding too. …
  2. Consider how we consume content in the digital age. …
  3. Make use of storytelling. …
  4. Create a conversation. …
  5. Branding is internal as well as external.

What is employer branding Universum?

Employer branding is about defining and expressing the qualities that will make you the ideal choice for the talent you need to succeed.

Who is Universum?

Who are we? Universum is the most recognised Employer Branding specialist in the world. Part of the StepStone Group and Axel Springer family, our diverse workforce is physically present in over 20 countries. We ensure employers around the world achieve their goals through data-driven Employer Branding.

How do you develop an employer brand strategy?

To create a powerful employer brand, it’s critical you start by focusing on your company’s mission statement, values, vision, and culture. It could be helpful to identify what your business needs are and then work backwards to understand what type of talent you need to acquire to fulfill those objectives.

How do you create employer brand awareness?

7 steps to a successful employer branding campaign

  1. #1 Tell (Sell) The Company Story. …
  2. #2 Begin Cross-Functional Collaboration. …
  3. #3 Establish Success Criteria and Measure Effectiveness. …
  4. #4 Implement Targeted Recruiting Measures. …
  5. #5 Choose Communication Channels for Campaign Promotions. …
  6. #6 Encourage Employee Advocacy.

What does employer branding include?

Employer branding involves applying a similar approach to people management and describes how an organisation markets what it has to offer to potential and existing employees.

What does employer branding specialist do?

Key responsibilities: Identifying what, exactly, about the company makes it attractive to candidates; highlighting key differentiators that set the company apart from competitors; leveraging candidate-facing communications, social media, and video to convey the corporate culture and employee experience; developing and …

What is recruitment employer branding?

Employer branding is the process of positioning your company as the employer of choice to a target group of potential candidates. An employer brand refers to the perception your current and potential employees have of your company.

Who is responsible for employer branding?

One of our main findings was that many leaders now place primary responsibility for the employer brand with the CEO or marketing, rather than with recruiters and HR.

What is the first step in employer branding?

Step 1: Define your Employer Branding goals

Think about what do you want to achieve with your Employer Branding strategy. Some of the common Employer Branding goals include: Get more job applicants. Get more high-quality candidates.

Who should be in charge of employer branding?

It is the role of a company’s marketing department to deliver consistent brand messages to all external stakeholders. Marketing should have a thorough understanding of a company’s brand, what it means and how it should be communicated.

Is employer branding an HR function?

Employer branding is not a duty of marketing or HR. Both functions have the skills and capabilities to deliver certain elements of the employer brand and they should work together to create a unified strategy. Marketing and HR also need to work together to get a third integral element in place – a company’s CEO.

Why do employers brand?

Employer Branding = Helping People Shape Their Destinies

It builds a sense of community building because happy people build happy communities and happy organizations. An effective talent brand gives employers the benefit of positive perception among the people that matter the most.

Why is it important for HR to be a brand builder and marketer?

When done well, an employer brand helps attract the right talent, allows prospects to self-select for fit with your organization, and increases the likelihood that they will develop into long-term, low-churn, high-producing members of your team.

Which is best marketing or HR?

There is no better or non-better stream in MBA, both Marketing and HR are important aspects in an organization and both have equal importance, exposure, learning and growth. It depends on you what you wish to be in future, your decision of stream should be based up your future goal.

What is the difference between HR and marketing?

HR focuses on the internal audience, or employees, while Marketing focuses on external stakeholders like clients, media, and competitors. Human resources aim to keep employees satisfied, productive, and in line with company values and brand.