Patterned Principles of Justice: Principles which dictate that we distribute goods according to some specific property, formula, or pattern. For instance, we might think it is just to distribute goods according to moral merit, need, usefulness to society, IQ, hair color, etc.

How does Nozick argue that justice is patterned?

Nozick devises an imaginative example using an actual former professional basketball player (Wilt Chamberlain) to criticize what he calls “patterned” theories of justice. Patterned theories of justice are those whereby the distribution of holdings is considered to be just when there is some purpose or goal reached.

What is the conception of justice that Nozick builds upon?

According to Nozick, anyone who acquired what he has through these means is morally entitled to it. Thus the “entitlement” theory of justice states that the distribution of holdings in a society is just if (and only if) everyone in that society is entitled to what he has.

What is a patterned theory of distributive justice?

A principle is patterned if “it specifies that a distribution is to vary along with some natural dimension, weighted sum of natural dimensions, or lexicographic ordering of natural dimensions”.

What are Nozick three principles of justice?

We have seen that Nozick’s theory is based on three key principles. Nozick put forward the claim that, inorder to deserve something, a person must be entitled to it according to the principle of justice in acquisition, the principle of justice in transfer, or the principle of rectification.

What does Nozick mean when he insists that liberty upsets patterns ‘?

Nozick argues that:

“Liberty upsets patterns”: People who are free to bargain and trade will use that freedom in ways that, over time, will make some people better off than others, even if they start from a position of perfect equality.

How does Nozick’s account of justice differ from Rawls?

Rawls’ great insight was that economic inequalities can be to the benefit of society and the poor, and that the desirable inequalities do just that. Nozick’s was that the way to make those happen is through liberty and voluntary exchange.

What is the difference b W Nozick’s and Rawls’s interpretation of the concepts of rights and Desert ‘?

Rawls’ versus Nozick’s distribution theories

He states that Rawls’ original position only lets one to consider the results of distribution but not how it came about. Rawls’ theories of redistribution or “patterned” theories as Nozick calls it, he believes, it involves interference with individual liberties.

Under what conditions would Nozick say a redistribution of wealth is justified?

Nozick claimed that any government which forcibly taxed rich people and redistributed their wealth to help poor people was violating the liberty of the rich. Governments, he argued, had no right to encroach on the rights of individuals by taking their money and giving it to others.

What is Nozick’s minimal state?

By a minimal state Nozick means a state that functions essentially as a “night watchman,” with powers limited to those necessary to protect citizens against violence, theft, and fraud.

What is the meaning of life according to Robert Nozick?

Nozick’s proposal: “Attempts to find meaning in life seek to transcend the limits of an individual life. . . . For a life to have meaning, it must connect with other things, with some things or values beyond itself” (ibid.).