Further, supervenience has been used to distinguish various kinds of internalism and externalism, and to test claims of reducibility and conceptual analysis. Supervenience is related to but distinct from notions like grounding and ontological dependence.

What is supervenience Physicalism?

The physicalist who appeals to supervenience is trying to honor the fact that the mental depends entirely on the physical without being committed to the view that mental properties are identical with physical properties. Suppose, as is widely believed, that mental properties are not identical with physical properties.

What is mind body supervenience?

Supervenience is a fundamental concept for non-reductive physicalist theories of the mind (theories which hold that the physical level is the fundamental level of understanding, but which also hold that the mind cannot be reduced to the brain or any other physical level).

Is supervenience causal?

Supervenience and Causation

Supervenient properties are often those to which we wish to attach causal powers. For example, mental effects from mental causes and even physical effects from mental causes.

What is the definition of supervening?

Definition of supervene

intransitive verb. : to follow or result as an additional, adventitious, or unforeseen development.

What is supervening cause?

superseding cause. n. the same as an “intervening cause” or “supervening cause,” which is an event which occurs after the initial act leading to an accident and substantially causes the accident.

What is the meaning of supervening event?

A supervening event consists of facts that transpire after the judgment became final and executory, or of new circumstances that develop after the judgment attained finality, including matters that the parties were not aware of prior to or during the trial because such matters were not yet in existence at that time.

What is supervening impossibility?

Supervening Impossibility

A contract, which at the time was entered into, was capable of being performed may subsequently become impossible to perform or unlawful. In such cases the contract becomes void. This is known as the doctrine of Supervening Impossibility.

What is a supervening illegality?

supervening illegality. Contract performance is excused if performance becomes illegal after the parties have entered into a contract.